Search Marketing

We are passionate about search.

Search marketing is still new for most small businesses and often forgotten all together for advertising. Our passion is listening to clients ideas, thinking through solutions and coming up with creative ads. Most importantly, we keep it simple.

The power of searching for a term like "plumber or roofer" and having a company appear on the top of the list is as good as it gets.

You want to have a synergy between customer and business. Search and its simplicity will bring more and more customers straight to you.

We have found customer purchases are directly proportional to the type of advertising and budget your small business is using. Some types of advertising is better for direct customer capture whereas other advertising is used to create increased brand recognition. In the end whatever your marketing goals they can all be achieved. Through search engines you'll get quick results for a fraction of the cost of traditional media such as print, radio and television.

The speed of search allows customers to check out your business and evaluate your services without the need to mass advertise to everyone everywhere all at once. This saves you the extreme costs that comes with mass media. Now you can advertise to customers who are only the most likely to be interested in your products or services and you won't have to worry about wasted advertising dollars spamming potential customers who are not yet ready to consider your products anyway.

It's what we do.

Google, Yahoo and Bing have different systems for search advertising. They all require regular monitoring to ensure dollars are spent efficiently. Changes to rules for advertising, copyrights, punctuation, terms and action phrases like "buy now!" all have rules. The big search giants Google, Bing and Yahoo change the way things can be done all the time and if you're not on top of it you can lose out on a lot of customers by missing the changes.

Clix will set up and manage your search engine advertising accounts and keep it all running smoothly and efficiently. Clix has many small businesses who we advertise for and we've had fantastic results.