We are growing our own business along with yours! Clix Saver is partnered with many other local businesses. With this partnership we are able to get the word out and have more successful events. 


We've been growing our brand for years! We have had many logo's, slogans, products and services over that time. We are growing our company and name faster then ever before. Clix has used many forms of advertising and is focused on helping small businesses and their brand expand!


We have spent a number of years providing marketing and design services for niche businesses and start up companies. Clix Saver guides our valuable clients through each step so they understand what they get and what we can do to improve or create their online brand.

Since 2011 Clix has been developing an all-in-one, step-by-step solution for increasing online presence and popularity.

Success can be determined by popularity, and popularity can be increased in a huge number of ways. We have taken the best of the best and put into a nice neat set up for you to enjoy!

Clix and it's partners are dedicated to finding the best sources of content and ads that are engaging and entertaining. Our combination of website design, advertisers, marketers, writers, and a large group of hand on professionals will provide you with a complete solution.


Our team can plan the best approach to your personal and small business branding. Clix prides itself on working with businesses long-term. Our account managers can meet often to get the best fit for content and markets. We work well with busy business owners who have very little time. We adapt quickly and follow ideas well. Our team applies its diverse and specialized knowledge in marketing principals, content creation and search engine optimization (S.E.O.) to every part of our platforms. 


We believe helping small businesses to improve their online footprint will help them grow and therefore increase the amount and diversity of future marketing. We believe marketing is best done by working with a regular budget. As long as you need new customers you probably need marketing.
We have been hard at work for many years developing content and business models to improve start-ups and small businesses.

We understand online marketing. We draw awareness through social media, search advertising, creative content, thoughtful design, building communities, and popular events. Clix provides the best exposure to our partner brands. Clix delivers a complete and effective branding and marketing solution for small businesses.