Our Services Include

Website Development

The cornerstone of our business. We focus on e-commerse and bringing your website to life. This is the very first step to growing and popularizing your business. We are using the newest tech and most advanced platforms to bring you full rich websites you can be proud of!

Website Migration

Do you need to move your website to a new platform like Shopify? If you want to move things with minimal changes to the look of your website. We can maintain many of the visual elements while moving you to a more robust web platform.

POS set-up and customization

There are many types of POS (point of sale) systems out there. Some are compatable with website integration and some are not. Other platforms may need some extra apps or development to make your website properly integrate to your POS. The ultimate goal is to have accurate transaction processing on the POS and website while maintining proper inventory control and reporting.

Search Based Marketing

Search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing are of the utmost importance in small business marketing. Clix has set up and managed many accounts and mainained click-through marketing for many small businesses. Pay-Per-Click marketing is complicated to set up but easy to maintain.


Social Media Marketing

Social media is very important in marketing. Creating a following and making that following work for you is what we do. We have many social media accounts and pages to work from to gain popularity. This is the best place to get started marketing your small business for cheap or free!


Classifieds Marketing

Keep your ads up to date and rotating frequently with our classifieds service. Small businesses that have a competitive edge or unique product have found a voice on classifieds websites like Kijiji and Craigslist.