Classified Marketing

Local classifieds can take a lot of time to manage.

At Clix Saver we keep many online classifieds ads running and updated on a day-to-day basis. We make creative posts with fresh content regularly. Our combination of original photos and properly edited images catch the eye. We use your brands, logos and colours to create the effect needed to encourage a customer to call-to-action.

Clix Saver runs ads on Kijiji, Craigslist,

Small businesses advertise on classified websites locally all the time. They bring special advantages that other forms of advertising can't provide. Many people follow and support only small businesses rather than larger chains. Local classifieds like Kijiji and Craigslist offer people a smaller local feel. We post on other similar classifieds websites as we need to for a little extra punch for your brand.

We create, post, renew, bump, and use pay promotions to maximize marketing effectiveness.

Clix Saver has been experimenting with great success for years. We use various techniques to increase impact and encourage action from the people cruising classifieds ads. If you're a small business and trying to bring in new customers try it. If you are trying out a new business model for the first time then this is really the most ideal market to get started in. Customers from this market tend to be looking for a lower overall price in exchange for some patience and understanding that you are a small newly budding business.

Classifieds marketing will get you a customer base to build from. Once you have that base you can afford move into more focused forms of advertising that will likely require more of a financial commitment. Making a budget and having the willingness to try a number of different marketing techniques will start your small business on the right path.